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Pride Face

14,00 €

Pride to boost self-confidence and overcome fears. It is used for the first times and the moments of everyday life that make the big steps: learning to walk or language, testing a new food, falling asleep...

This face fits on the model of the emotions companion purchased from March 2023.

Fall for 4 faces, the 5th is free!

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Discover the face of pride to boost self-confidence and to overcome fears.

It is used for first times and everyday moments that mark significant milestones: learning to walk or to speak, trying new food, self-soothing, potty training, riding a bike without training wheels, speaking in public...

Our goal is for children to learn to be proud of themselves whether they succeed or make mistakes. Valuing each attempt is an important step in their development.

We recommend associating pride with the faces of timidity, disgust, and disappointment.

The face adheres to the companion of emotions using a velcro patch (the companion of emotions is not included with the face).


  • Pour ne pas abimer vos visages prenez bien soin de les ranger dans leur pochons scratch contre scratch.
  • Lavage à 30 degrés en machine dans un filet scratch contre scratch.
  • Essorage doux. Vous pouvez bien les remettre en forme avec vos doigts en les sortant de la machine. Repassage ok avec un linge entre le visage et le fer à repasser

Fabrication & composition

GOTS organic cotton and Oeko-Tex labeled inks

EN-71 toy CE standard

Made in the European Union

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