The concept

The emotions are there, every day, we live with them. Joy, love, you don't need us, I think you already find that these are pleasant emotions to live.

Who is Pipouette ?

Emotions are present throughout our lives.

At Pipouette's, we embrace the right to experience joy, anger, fear, pride... Our mission is to turn learning and expressing emotions into something natural and easy for your children !

Pipouette is an educational tool designed to learn how to express and to share emotions.

A daily companion

who will walk beside your children for a very long time.

From the age of 4/5 years old

From birth

From 18 months old / 2 years old

From 1 year old

Reassuring transitional object

Facilitateur de communication non verbale et verbale

Learning and expression of the emotions

Autonomy / towards emotional intelligence