Know-how and commitments

A workshop on a human scale

It took some time, some energy, and a lot of perseverance to find a partner aligned with our values! Our project was not taken seriously in France, but that didn't deter us. So, we set off to Latvia in the European Union, and there we found an incredible match that stole our hearts!

I discovered a young workshop founded by a passionate woman who is dedicated to revitalizing her childhood city. Today, she employs around twenty women, all of whom are passionate about their craft and proud to work for Pipouette.

No compromises on quality !

When I bought my daughter's stuffed animal, I chose it solely based on its cuteness without considering its composition. A mistake! It's filled with plastic stuffing beads. However, when envisioning Pipouette as both, a cuddly toy and a life companion for your children, it was unimaginable not to seek the best. Pipouette is made with certified organic cotton fabric, GOTS certified, ensuring safe hugs. And of course, the product is tested and certified to meet the CE EN-71 toy safety standard from birth.

Make a Pipouette is a meticulous process involving several steps: fabric cutting, assembling and sewing of arms, legs, ears... followed by manual stuffing. It's truly a painstaking task! All materials are doubled up to meet the standards and ensure long-lasting durability.