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Disgust Face

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Disgust is a primary emotion and yet we hardly talk about it as if it were not accepted. It is a useful emotion because it can protect us in certain situations and sends us a message to find resources and overcome...

This face fits on the model of the emotions companion purchased from March 2023.

Fall for 4 faces, the 5th is free!

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Discover the face of disgust.

Disgust is a primary emotion, yet it is often not discussed as if it wasn't tolerated. It is a useful emotion because it can protect us in certain situations and send us a message to seek resources to overcome a blockage.

For young children, it is often a physiological disgust related to food or feces, while for older children and adults, it can be a moral and social disgust towards a situation or a person.

We recommend associating disgust with the faces of shyness/embarrassment, surprise, relief, and pride.

The face adheres to the companion of emotions using a velcro patch (the companion of emotions is not included with the face). 


  • Pour ne pas abimer vos visages prenez bien soin de les ranger dans leur pochons scratch contre scratch.
  • Lavage à 30 degrés en machine dans un filet scratch contre scratch.
  • Essorage doux. Vous pouvez bien les remettre en forme avec vos doigts en les sortant de la machine. Repassage ok avec un linge entre le visage et le fer à repasser

Fabrication & composition

GOTS organic cotton and Oeko-Tex labeled inks

EN-71 toy CE standard

Made in the European Union

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