Pipouette's story

Be there to help me manage my emotions and my daughter's

The idea of creating Pipouette occured to me around the time of my daughter's 2nd birthday.

We were right in the midst of emotions, and of all the questions that come with it. I read books, talked to other moms.. As a first-time mother, I oscillated between trusting myself and strictly applying the countless paragraphs from books that made everything seem so much easier than in my everyday life as a mom.

My search for tools to support my daughter in her emotions was kind of disappointing. It didn't feel like us. I observed her, I knew myself, and I dreamt of something different.. something tactile, gentle, meaningful, beautiful, something special that would easily become a part of our family.

3 years later...

And then one night, in between night wakings (you do know what I'm talking about, right?!), it was around 4 a.m when the first product of the brand became quite clear to me: the companion of emotions. Great, I have the idea but what is the next step now ? Back then, I didn't know any entrepreneurs, I had no knowledge of the toy industry whatsoever, let alone the textile manufacturing sector. But deep down, I knew.. I knew that this idea that existed only in my head was gonna be good for our family but also for many other families.

I did research for months, hundreds of doors slammed in my face, and then one day, this companion of emotions designed for our children is finally there, even better than what I had initially imagined, and most importantly, without compromising my original ideal (you know: the tactile, the softness, the meaning, the beauty, etc...).

Natalie's word

To this day, my daughter has been my best "tester." In the evenings, when the computer is closed and I'm just Nathalie the mother, and Pipouette helps us with our emotions, pulls us out of emotional storms, engages us in playtime, and strengthens our bond, it gives me confidence and an even greater desire to democratize emotional support with all of you.

Pipouette's creator and Mother of Maelys, 8 years old

Why this name?

It was my daughter who came up with the name when she was 3 years old.

At the time, I was looking for a brand name oriented towards emotions and I was struggling ! During a family meal at home, I talked about it and I asked Maelys what she would like mom's project to be called. And she said "Pipouette" straight away.

It was the first time she had uttered that word. The three of us looked at each other and it immediately became obvious. 5 years later, I still adore this name which is a tribute to my daughter and the whole team loves to hear your children say Pipoueeeeette!