Their names are Elijah 8 months old, Joyce 5 years old, Arthur 2 years old, Salomé 6 years old, Jaimy 3 years old, Iris 7 years old, Rose 11 months old, Roméo 5 years old, Joanne 4 years old, Balthazar 2 months old, Aanya 7 years old, Maelys 6 years old. years.

They are the faces of our new EMOTIONS GENERATION(S) chapter.

They are of different ages
they are girls , boys ,
she speaks English , they speak French , he doesn't have the words to express himself yet ,
they are atheists , Christians , Muslims , Jews , Hindus ,
they have different skin colors , eyes , sizes and body types that make them unique ,
they have unique life stories ,

and yet….

They all feel emotions,
they all communicate in their own way,
They all need to hear that expressing their emotions is not something bad to hide deep inside,

They all need a helping hand to grow up properly and live in confidence with their emotions ,
Them. Your children. They all are the GENERATION OF EMOTIONS.

But because a generation does not rise alone , we called this new chapter GENERATION OF EMOTIONS.

You are, we are, the GENERATION(S) OF EMOTIONS.
Parents, grandparents, you feel emotions and you have the right to express them, even if you were told when you were little that boys don't cry and that girls aren't beautiful when they get angry .

You still have a lot of emotions to live !

Are you ready to express all your emotions with Pipouette?