Why Pipouette?


Un support natif & intuitif

Emotions become a piece of cake with Pipouette !

A clear display of emotions: each face takes on the physical characteristics of each emotion.

A body designed to mimic emotions.

As close to reality as possible

A unique emotional support and faces you can switch fast thanks to our velcro system. This is not a trivial matter to us! "I am not my emotion. I am myself, experiencing joy, sadness, surprise, and many other emotions in turn."

A lovable and reassuring emotional support

Pipouette takes on the appearance of a sensory and universal stuffed animal, with gentle faces to foster connection and play.


An emotional support that adapts to your needs.

Pipouette is at the service of your parent-child relationship.

It works at all ages! A transitional object for babies, a learning tool from 18 months to 2 years, a means of verbal and non-verbal expression from 3 to 4 years, and a communication intermediary for everyone at 2 years old, 6 years old and beyond.

Multiple uses

An ally in many situations! With its 17 faces and itsmediator role, Pipouette goes far beyond helping your child recognize their emotions.

What more do you do for us, Pipouette ?

I regulate anger, I accompany bedtime routine and falling asleep, I help communicating when words fail, I defuse everyday situations, I am there in good and bad times. All of these and more. Pipouette is a life companion.


Build a "generation of emotion" together

By developing the children and families psychosocial skills at large, we invite you to join us in a challenge: building a world that places emotional intelligence on the same level as other forms of intelligence.

Providing children with tools and resources today is a gift that will benefit them throughout their lives.