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At the Dodo Pipouette!

2 faces + 1 pajamas + 1 pouch

14,00 €

The sleep pack is essential for setting up a fun and effective routine to fall asleep peacefully! And once in bed with Pipouette, our companion will watch over your child all night. He goes to sleep reassured and we all meet to live full of emotions the next morning. .

These faces fit on the model of the emotions companion purchased from March 2023.

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This pack includes


The pack for falling asleep and peaceful sleep!

If there is a time when all parents dream of calming emotions during the day, it is at bedtime! But it is not uncommon for our children to decide otherwise. It's often a special moment they have with you and they enjoy it in their own way. Pipouette accompanies you in this moment.

Because we want to help you find this harmony in your family life during the bedtime ritual, we have imagined accessories for Pipouette that bring your child the emotional security needed to drift off to sleep . And it's also the occasion with Pipouette as benevolent intermediary to ask the words that need to be, not expressed or repressed during the day, in order to be able to fall asleep serenely and hassle-free.

They can thus express their fatigue with the face "I'm tired" and so you don't miss the train of sleep, have a bedtime buddy by putting on Pipouette's pajamas to do like them, and finally there's more to put to Pipouette her face "I'm falling asleep peacefully" and hold her tightly in their arms to go to the land of dreams together.

ATTENTION : this pack does not include the emotions companion

These faces fit on the model of the emotions companion purchased from March 2023.


  • Pour ne pas abimer vos visages prenez bien soin de les ranger dans leur pochons scratch contre scratch.
  • Lavage à 30 degrés en machine dans un filet scratch contre scratch.
  • Essorage doux. Vous pouvez bien les remettre en forme avec vos doigts en les sortant de la machine. Repassage ok avec un linge entre le visage et le fer à repasser

Manufacturing & composition

Faces: GOTS organic cotton

CE toy standard EN-71

Composition of pajamas: Oeko-Tex cotton

European Union Manufacturing