My daughter is soon to be a big sister! What gift to offer to the eldest at the birth of a baby?

Ma fille est bientôt grande soeur !  Quel cadeau offrir à l’aîné à la naissance d’un bébé ?

You are soon giving birth to your second child and you are wondering how it will go with his future big brother or his future big sister, and what you will have to offer him at the time of birth. We're talking about a gift for big brother, a "box" for big sister ... in addition to the organization that the arrival of a new baby requires for parents, you no longer know where to turn with this story of gifts ! Don't panic, today we'll help you see things more clearly and make the right choice.

Should we give a gift to the eldest at the birth of his little brother or his little sister?

After the announcement to the first children of the upcoming arrival of a new baby, it's time to prepare! The question of the gift to the big sister or the big brother comes up very often from the parents, and is debated in the world of childhood professionals.

Offer a gift to brothers and sisters to show them that they are not forgotten

No matter the price, the tradition of giving gifts to elders when their little brother or sister is born comes from the fact that it is important to show them that they still mean so much to parents, and that those they won't forget them. A way of saying: “Just because there's a new baby doesn't mean we won't love you anymore or that you'll be replaced. Look, we thought of you!”. The gift, original or classic, is then seen as a token of love and recognition. In some families, it is also offered symbolically by the new baby. A way to tell the eldest child that his little brother or sister already loves him , and gives him a gift to tell him. It also makes it possible to reward the big brother or the big sister for their new role of eldest, and to congratulate them. Among the gifts regularly offered in this context and found in a specialized store or on the internet , we often find:
  • a stuffed toy
  • board games
  • coloring
  • a book

It is also common to give a box filled with small gifts , called a “big sister box” or “big brother kit” (or vice versa). These gift boxes are generally used more to occupy older children during their mother's maternity stay, to make them wait until everyone is at home.

Be careful not to distort the message

However, it is necessary to take care of the message that we send and the way in which we bring this story of gift for brother or sister. It is very important that the eldest child can express his jealousy, even his rejection, at the announcement of a new baby. Even if it is particularly difficult for parents to accept or hear, the majority of psychologists agree on this point. Giving a gift should therefore not be a means of preventing this jealousy from expressing itself, and should especially not be perceived by the big brother or the big sister as a way of preventing their emotions from expressing themselves . When offering a gift to your first child, also think about your own emotions… aren't you transferring your fears, your experiences, your apprehensions onto him or her? Do you seek to be “forgivened”? Do you think he or she feels replaced? Think about these questions and only offer a birth gift to your elders if you are clear about all this, in order to avoid transmitting fears to them that do not belong to them…! We talk a lot about emotions, have you noticed? It's time to invest Pipouette at this precise moment in your family life, in order to express each and every one of the emotions that go through you. In addition to the specific question of the gift to offer to the future big sister or the future big brother, it will be of great help to you in your communication to all.

What original gift to offer to the eldest of a sibling at the birth of a new baby?

You have decided to offer this famous gift to the big sister or the big brother, but you have no idea. Fortunately, we are here to guide you and give you original gift ideas that work every time !

A personalized gift

If the purpose of a gift offered at the birth of a little brother or sister by parents is above all to show their eldest child that they have not been forgotten, that they are unique and it will never be replaced, you might as well opt for a personalized gift ! You will find them at all prices. This may be :
  • a bag with her first name or an inscription such as “Lise’s big sister bag”
  • a plush with a knitted sweater personalized with his first name
  • a piece of clothing such as a t-shirt, personalized
  • a book personalized with his name
  • a story recorded especially for him in his story box for example

The personalized gift brings a particular intention, which goes beyond the simple birth gift. It shows how much thought has been given to the person to whom it is offered by choosing it and having it personalized.

A book on the subject of birth

There are, in stores or online, many books for children on the theme of the birth of a new baby in a family. Some are very poetic and keep throughout childhood. Some pop-ups are also interactive. Offering a book on this theme is a nice way to show the future big brother or future big sister that the subject is not taboo, that you have identified their current problem, and that you are ready to support them in this transition.

A DIY kit to change multiple board games

This is a useful gift idea and a way to occupy the big brother or the big sister during visits to the maternity ward or in the first days of the baby's life, where you will undoubtedly be very busy. On the other hand, prefer non-messy manual activities; avoid glitter, paint, glue... In short, everything that you will then spend hours cleaning!

A letter from parents

A gift for big sister or big brother that won't be overpriced and will have a great effect... write to your big brother! With your words, but of course adapted to a child of his age, tell him his story, reveal your feelings, your emotions, talk to him openly. Nothing is more touching and more personalized than this gift. This will allow you to:
  • reassure him
  • give him a gift that remains and that he will keep all his life
  • show him how much he means to you
  • offer him the original gift par excellence

A companion of emotions

As we have already said, the birth of a new baby is a moment filled with emotions , in every sense of the word. Positive emotions obviously, but also ambivalent emotions, on the side of parents and children. It's the perfect time to get help from the best companion of emotions, your devoted Pipouette! Thanks to its many faces, there is no doubt that it will help dad, mum, big sister and big brother to express themselves, even before birth. Of course, all these gift ideas can be combined in a big sister or big brother box filled with small presents.

How to announce to his eldest daughter that she will become a big sister?

But before even thinking about the gift at the birth of the baby, there is the question of the announcement to the big sister or the big brother . Many parents are apprehensive at this time, which is completely understandable. As we have already mentioned, do not forget that many fears come from your own fears! Do not hesitate to question your child, to put yourself “at his level” to detect what he really feels and to project the fewest possible emotions which belong to you. First of all, keep in mind that your first children are far from stupid ! Without telling them as soon as the pregnancy test is done, know that they will quickly feel that something is changing for you. A more tired mother, parents who are less available, who go to bed earlier, a host of little clues, conscious or not, will put them on the path that something is happening. There is no consensus on the ideal time to announce it to your child, but one thing is certain, you have to go at the pace of the future big brother or the future big sister . It is often advised to wait the first 3 months so that the risk of miscarriage is minimized, but it is up to you to see how your eldest reacts. If the tension is too high and there are too many crises, you can completely anticipate the announcement… keeping in mind that if he is old enough to speak, he can repeat it! Regarding the way to do it, we advise you that it be:
  • concise
  • clear
  • suitable for his age
  • without image or metaphor

For this, you can use a book that talks about pregnancy, for example, and offer it to your child as an announcement gift. The works on their new role of big brother or big sister may scare him and will be for later. Remember that having a baby in the womb is a very abstract concept for most small children, and that the next 6, 7 or 8 months will be very long for them! A heart-to-heart discussion with simple words and reassurance if he feels the need, will be the best thing to do. Keep Pipouette close to you, in case emotions arise at this time; it will help you identify and defuse them.

How to prepare the eldest for the arrival of the baby?

Being a big brother or big sister is not obvious , especially when it's the first time. A new baby arrives, we wonder what sauce we will be eaten and above all, if there will be a warm place left for us with our parents. Including his eldest child in the preparation for the birth of his little brother or his little sister is therefore a very effective way of gently bringing him to understand the great upheaval that is coming, and at the same time, to reassure him.

Choose the baby's comforter together, associate it with the preparation of the room

If we talk about a gift box offered to his big sister or his big brother by the baby, the reverse is also true! The eldest child often has a strong desire to spoil the future new member of the family ; take him to a shop to choose the comforter he wants to see in the baby's bed. Come on, we even allow you to orient it - a little - on the choice, so as not to end up with a teddy bear of 4 by 3 meters in the room! In the same way, your eldest can participate in the choice:
  • paint or wallpaper
  • bed
  • room decoration

Nothing like it to empower the brother or sister in the making.

Set up rituals alone with him that will remain

Whether it's through board games, reading a book or any other activity , create a routine with your oldest child that can last once the baby arrives. It's not enough for big things or big gifts, the important thing is regularity, and that he knows that “his moment” will come. There is no better idea to reassure him of his place.

Let him express his emotions, pleasant and positive or not

It's not easy for a child to welcome a little brother or a little sister . He may go from great joy or excitement to crying or uncontrollable fear. It is then necessary, as parents, to arm themselves with a patience that we do not always have; lean on Pipouette , who always has more than one trick up her sleeve for that! Frustration can also be present, especially when the baby receives multiple birth gifts. This is the moment when her little big sister or big brother gift will take on its full meaning , even more so if it is original or personalized.

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