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La Very Totale Pack

Pipouette + 17 Faces + 1 pajamas + 1 pouch

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The Very Totale pack is ideal for:

- learn and express their emotions
- facilitate communication within your family
- make Pipouette live in all situations of daily life: frustrations, meals, falling asleep, learning, school failure, fears, illness, ...

With its 17 emotions and states, Pipouette is your parent's ally and a great life companion for your child!

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This pack includes

This pack includes:
* The rabbit companion of emotions
* An outfit of your choice
* Pajamas of your choice
* 17 interchangeable faces: joy, anger, sadness, fear, love, shyness, surprise, disgust, fatigue, sleep, woozy, pain, relief, disappointment, excitement, pride, jealousy.
* A pouch to store the faces
* An educational poster


Pipouette is a life companion for discovering, living and expressing your emotions with confidence. An educational tool in the form of a rabbit comforter which is a gift as pretty as it is useful for growing up well.

💡 Pipouette's particularity? This companion of emotions has no fixed face. The children choose the face according to the emotion that resonates in them. Each face represents an emotion or a state, to be scratched and unscratched. In this pack, you will find the 4 fundamental emotions: joy, fear, sadness and anger.

A stuffed toy ? A game ? Our emotional companion is much more than that! In turn, he is your children's confidant, play partner and at the heart of many stories, cuddly toy who loves hugs, teaching aid to learn to identify, name, explore, communicate around the emotions that affect them (us!) cross.


  • Pour ne pas abimer vos visages prenez bien soin de les ranger dans leur pochons scratch contre scratch.

Lavage :

Compagnon des émotions : Pipouette passe en machine à 30 degrés.

  • Visages

Lavage à 30 degrés en machine dans un filet scratch contre scratch. A la sortie, vous pouvez les remodeler pour qu’ils retrouvent leur forme d’origine. Séchage à plat.

  • Essorage doux. Vous pouvez bien les remettre en forme avec vos doigts en les sortant de la machine. Repassage ok avec un linge entre le visage et le fer à repasser

Manufacturing & composition

Technical informations :

Plush: 40 cm in height
Face: 11cm x 8.5cm
EN-71 toy CE standard

Composition :

Companion of emotions: GOTS organic cotton - Polyester padding

Faces: GOTS organic cotton

- Floral romper: 100% organic cotton
- Clay romper: 100% cotton
- Gingham romper: 60% cotton - 40% polyester

European Union manufacturing