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The journey to Dreamland – Audio Relaxation

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16 minute audio – MP3 file – sent with download link You can find lots of advice and tips for a fulfilling childhood on Nadège Pétrel's website: Un amour au naturel -

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The Bedtime routine is a crucial moment to peacefully fall asleep and have a good night of rest.

Every family has its own routine, such as reading stories, back scratching, massage, sharing about the day... We wanted to offer something different and complementary, like a gentle invitation to a peaceful sleep.

Here's a relaxing 16-minute audio journey to accompany your children with Pipouette, so that they can have beautiful dreams. Together, they will visit the stars and colorful cloud.

It made sense to us to ask Nadège Pétrel, who is a positive parent coach, to write and lovingly narrate this exclusive relaxation audio for Pipouette, designed for children from 18 months/2 years old.