What gift ideas for my birth list?

Quelles idées cadeaux pour ma liste de naissance ?

It may be your first child, but you have seen what happened to all your young parent friends around you; at the birth of a baby, we receive everything and anything as a birth gift. So, even if, as parents, we are dying to have the apple of our eyes spoiled and our entourage to celebrate their arrival with dignity, we would just sometimes like to be able to drive the gift ideas ...!

And for that, what better than a birth list?

How to find your way around, which list to choose and which gifts to put on it; Pipouette gives you his opinion and tells you everything!

Birth list: what is it?

Birth lists are a bit like wedding lists, they have been around for decades. The principle is that young parents pre-choose items to put on their list , so that their loved ones or entourage can choose the gifts they really need . This can be for example:

  • furniture
  • Objects
  • clothes
  • activities
  • early learning toys
  • baby equipment
  • mother's breastfeeding accessories

Initially, birth lists were deposited by future parents in specialized stores, and those interested had to go to these stores to choose the gift they wanted to offer, depending on the price they wanted to pay.

Since then, of course, almost all birth lists can be found online. It is always possible to spoil a baby by going to a store in which a birth list has been deposited, but this has become much rarer.

You can then opt for several types of birth lists online :

A birth list in a single sign

It is similar to the concept we just talked about, which consists of making your choices in a single brand (which can be multi-brand). You choose within this brand several products or elements that you like or that you need for the birth of your baby , and your loved ones will only have to choose online! Once you have decided, you will receive all these products directly at home, in order to welcome your child in the best conditions.

A flexible birth list

They are becoming more and more common. Many sites now offer a simple platform in which you can drag whatever you want, no matter where you find them on the internet. No need to choose products from a single brand or a single brand, you can mix the pleasures!

These lists work like a bank account, that is to say that people virtually buy a product on your list, and you collect the total budget at the end. This allows you to buy the gifts you put on the list… or others!

An online kitty

Sometimes, we have in mind a very big gift that is really expensive, like:

  • a bed
  • a car seat
  • a stroller
  • a changing table

Setting up an online kitty is then a good way to collect the amount that will allow you to buy it later.

Why make a birth list?

We do not necessarily dare to create a birth list at first sight, for fear of seeming too insistent or of forcing those around us to offer us birth gifts. Relax on the subject: first of all, those who will not want to offer anything, we reassure you, they will not! And above all, this birth list will greatly help the others - the majority - who, anyway, had planned to offer something to new parents.

We often prefer to know that we are going to hit the bullseye when we offer a birth gift!

Here are a few reasons to take the plunge and create a birth list before your baby arrives:

To not receive twelve bodysuits and five health record covers

We can never repeat it enough, people are rarely very inspired to have original and useful gift ideas for a birth. We quickly end up with dozens of stuffed animals, the same fashionable early learning game and several giraffes to cut our teeth.

If you want our opinion, offering a birth list to your loved ones allows you to avoid this kind of disappointment, and to only receive what you need.

To give yourself a bigger gift

As we talked about it a little above, making a birth list allows you to collect a larger sum of money, in order to afford large objects or products that you could not have afforded without help because worth too much a price.

And as often at the birth of a child, these big gifts are also useful things, it's all good!

To make life easier for our loved ones

It is enough that the baby you are going to visit is not the first of the siblings, and you quickly feel lost in the multitude of gift ideas . We promise you that those around you will be delighted to be able to count on your referrals to be sure to make you happy!

To participate in helping - a little - the planet

Given the latest IPCC report, we doubt that it won't be enough, but as every small step counts, don't deprive yourself! Creating a birth list is a responsible approach because it limits:

  • waste
  • overconsumption
  • the ecological transport costs that unique deliveries would require for each product

What do you put on a birth list?

This is the question that all young parents ask themselves before setting up a birth list. The important thing is to have in mind that it is necessary for all budgets, so that no one feels pressured. Here are our best baby list gift ideas:

childcare equipment

Stroller, changing table, bed, recliner, car seat… these essential items to have at the birth of a child are also the most expensive! A good way to be able to afford such a product at these prices is therefore to put it on a birth list; everyone can then participate as much as they want and in the end you have the stroller of your dreams!

If you opt for a list “like a bank account”, you can even afford this second-hand childcare equipment in very good condition: economical and ecological!

games and books

Of course, this is one of the classic gift ideas that people love to give. To maximize your chances of receiving the ones you want, put them on the list for your baby! In particular, there are books suitable for babies , in black and white, or books that will evolve when your baby becomes a child and will always take as much pleasure in reading and watching.

Among the games that are good gift ideas for a birth , you can find:

  • awakening games
  • evolving games
  • imitation games
  • games for older children, which you will keep in a corner but which will be used more quickly than you think!

This is also the time to get yourself a companion of Pipouette emotions; as a joint or unique gift, it will accompany your child from birth until the end of his childhood . In addition to being beautiful and soft, it is useful and will help you at every stage of your little one's development. In short, a real investment for any self-respecting young mother or young dad !

Useful accessories

Always with the idea of ​​not offering anything superfluous or that would end up broken in 24 hours, do not hesitate to put on your birth list a selection of useful daily products , which you will be very happy to have on hand, such as :

  • health book cover
  • a travel changing mat
  • a diaper bag
  • a pretty sleeping bag, summer or winter
  • a box of organic toiletries
  • an organic cotton bath towel
  • breastfeeding clothes if the mother is breastfeeding.

Well-chosen clothes

To avoid receiving clothes that you will never put on your baby as birth gifts, there is only one solution: the birth list!

This will allow you to choose only pieces to your liking , in soft and responsible materials such as organic cotton, linen, soft wool... You can thus begin to fill your child's wardrobe with elements offered by your nearby, and that you are sure to use.

intangible gifts

We really like this idea at Pipouette. We tend to think only of material gifts for the birth of a baby, and therefore also as gift ideas to put on a typical birth list. However, intangible gifts, shared moments , are often real bubbles for young parents, tired by this initial upheaval.

Among the ideas we would like to give you are:

  • a baby massage session
  • a bath / spa for babies who have just been born
  • a family photo shoot
  • an activity to share (even if it's for later!)

Do not hesitate to use your imagination to think of all those things that you dare not offer yourself for the birth of your child; now is the time to ask for them!

decorative items

The decoration is sometimes what we neglect when we have to prioritize purchases when becoming parents. That's why it's a great gift idea to put on your birth list ! The famous “pleasure” gift, which we would not necessarily have bought ourselves, but which makes us so happy to decorate the baby's room...

Then think about:

  • a pretty framed poster
  • a night light
  • a light fixture
  • a wooden shelf
  • a carpet
  • a comfortable chair
  • or even a cute stuffed animal

What are the best birthday gifts?

When a child is born in our entourage, we always want to find the best gift , the one that will hit the mark immediately and that the parents will remember all their life. So just for you, we racked our brains to offer you gift ideas - to put on a birth list or not! - which change from the ordinary and which will please for sure.

An evolving gift

Nothing is more frustrating than a birth gift that you can only enjoy for 15 days! This is why opting for a gift idea for a baby that can also be used for a child seems the right solution.

Choose evolutionary gifts so that they can accompany the child durably in his first years, whether it is:

  • clothes,
  • toys,
  • books,
  • product boxes,
  • a blanket for car seat or stroller
  • useful everyday items

A gift for children… and parents!

We are used to spoiling babies who have just been born, and that is quite normal. But let's not forget the young parents ! Between the fatigue, the short nights, the discoveries, the tears, the hours rocking a stroller or holding your hand in a bed, welcoming a new child is not easy. Each young mother or young father will be particularly touched by the attention that is addressed directly to them.

Some gift ideas for parents include:

  • a good bottle of wine or champagne
  • a massage for the young mother
  • hours of babysitting
  • a book

It is also possible to offer a birth gift that can suit both; children and parents! And that's where our Pipouette arrives, ready to facilitate the exchanges between parents and children, and to accompany the first years of this new family .

If you also opt for the sleep pack, you can be sure to hit the bullseye!

And if the future mum or dad is you, then it's very simple: put Pipouette and all her accessories on your birth list !

A personalized gift

This is a birth gift that always touches a lot, because it has been specially designed for the child to whom it is offered. There are a multitude of gift possibilities to be personalized such as:

  • bathroom linen
  • a stuffed toy
  • a book
  • a diaper bag
  • a small garment