We talk about emotions on vacation!

On parle émotions en vacances !

If the emotions took a vacation, it would be known…! So why not take advantage of the summer break to talk about emotions with our children? We tell you why it's the right time, and especially why it's a good idea.

It's a time for expressing emotions.

There are many reasons for feeling strong emotions during the holidays: successive separations, permanent social and family relationships, excitement, long days, heat, changes of location... Long holidays are not easy for our emotional little ones. .ve! Don't be surprised then if your child shows particular feelings during this time. Already, because he.she feels them more and more repeatedly throughout the day, but also because he.she has more space to express them than during a school day or in the evening at home when it is necessary to link the bath, the dinner and the bedtime. Some children will be particularly sensitive to the many changes and adaptations that long holidays require, and will express this all the more as they know you are more available!

We are (finally) fully available

Summer vacation is probably the time of year when children have the longest access to REALLY available parents. No more daily shopping between school, nursery, work, outings and extracurricular activities; it's time for a break. And for a child, it is very precious. This means that he or she knows that his parent is much more emotionally available than during school time, and this marks a real change in his daily life. It is also important for us. We have time, a lot of time, over several days or even several weeks. Without the external pressure of work or school time activities, the mental load drops and leaves room for additional space to accommodate the emotions of our loved ones. It is therefore the ideal time to put yourself at the height of your child, to help him put words, to identify, then to manage the emotions that go through him. Doing it in a relaxed atmosphere and taking the time will be all the more beneficial for things to go down in depth or sustainably. Indeed, it is much more tedious to teach a child to manage his emotions when the whole family is immersed in a rushed and pressurizing atmosphere! Take the time to observe your child and welcome him when he expresses a feeling or an emotion. Do not hesitate to share yours with him either, nothing better than this “mirror” effect to convey the right messages, to play down the drama and to include emotions in family life. This is also the time when you can fully invest Pipouette. We know that integrating our favorite rabbit into our family life takes time and requires regularity. What better time than summer vacation for that! Take it to the beach, by the pool, to friends, on a walk, on public transport... There are a thousand and one situations where Pipouette will be of great help to you!

We share the moments together

It is sometimes difficult to accompany our children in their emotions when they tell us facts that happened during the day and which we did not attend... Being on vacation, spending time together, sharing moments, also allows us to to be on the spot, with them, when they experience things that give them emotions, and therefore to be able to respond to them on the spot. It's a significant time saver, and of course, incredible reassurance for the child! You can then respond directly to his expectations, listen to him, put yourself at his height, and find the answers adjusted to what he feels, since you attended the scene. It's often much easier for you to decode and for him or her to make themselves understood… everyone wins! As you will have understood, talking about emotions is THE good idea for your next vacation, and we would be very happy to be able to accompany you there. So don't forget Pipouette in your suitcase, and have a great time with your children!