DIY – Crown of emotions and friendly ghosts

DIY – Couronne d’émotions et gentils fantômes

Hello everyone,

Materials needed for this activity:

For this activity you will need:

– Canson paper

- A pair of scissors

- A pencil


-A stapler

-A ruler


-The post of emotions you have can be received with Pipouette.

You will need to make a photocopy.

If you don't have it you can always draw them.


Step 1:

First ask your child to cut out the faces of Pipouette then draw templates of ghosts on the song that you will reproduce several times with your child.

2nd step:

Glue the faces on the ghosts and ask your child to paint the ghosts to give them a little more relief.

Step 3:

Trace strips of paper to form a crown.

Step 4:

Take the circumference of your child's head and Pipouette. Glue the ghosts on this strip of canson paper and staple the crown.

All you have to do is play with your companion. you can also create a small garland of ghosts.

Happy Halloween everyone!