How to find a useful and original birth gift idea?

Comment trouver une idée de cadeau de naissance utile et originale ?

Finally the long-awaited text message: your best friend has just given birth! After the great happiness of the announcement, suddenly there is panic… What do we offer for the birth of a child? What gift do we give to a very young mother and her baby? Especially since you promised yourself: you want to find the idea that no one will have, the one that will be both useful and original for new parents , and that will change from the traditional comforter. We help you rack your brains and choose the perfect gift for that new baby. Follow the Pipouette guide!

What birth gift to give to a woman who has just given birth?

Whether it's the first baby around you or the tenth, the question is always the same and the choice is always just as difficult, because you don't want to fall into:
  • the umpteenth gift box for the baby's bath,
  • the early learning toy that everyone has,
  • the decorative object for the baby's room that we will never use
  • the teething ring already offered three times.

And yet, gift ideas are lacking and it quickly becomes a real headache. It is already important to know the tastes and especially the needs of the mother who has just given birth. No woman looks like another, even less postpartum. This time in a woman's life can be a particularly upsetting time for new parents , and a well-chosen gift can make all the difference. After the birth of her child, the young mother often finds herself weakened or even helpless in front of this tiny baby. This feeling is all the more present if it is his first child. It undergoes strong physical, psychological and hormonal changes, and the close entourage can then play a very important role of accompaniment and support. Do not think that a gift is futile and useless; quite the contrary! If you can meet the needs of the mother and her baby at this precise moment, it can be a great help. There are many very useful gift ideas at all prices, which will allow parents and baby to feel better and to approach this postpartum period more serenely.

Why choose a useful and original birth gift?

We often think of the baby when we offer a birth gift, but little to the parents. However, they are the most upset by birth! Offering a useful and original gift is above all paying attention to them and to the whole family and that, at Pipouette, you know how important it is for us.

Young parents do not all have the same tastes or the same needs

Many criteria can vary within families and lead to different needs, such as:
  • the number of children
  • the configuration of the couple or a single parent
  • the place of life
  • parent's age
  • the age of the eldest children

Depending on these elements, the needs are obviously not the same. Before making a birth gift already, it is interesting to ask yourself all these questions and to think about the “profile” of the family which has just welcomed a new baby. We will not necessarily offer the same thing to a single mother who lives in the countryside as to an urban couple who already has two older children. Having personalized gift ideas affects parents all the more, who feel privileged when they receive them. Of course, this can also be a matter of taste. As the saying goes, “tastes and colors are not discussed”. If you are lucky enough to know the young mother well, you will have a clearer idea of ​​her tastes, what she likes or what she likes less. This allows you to guide your choice and refine your search for a birth gift!

The period after a birth is very tiring

After childbirth, it's not a scoop for anyone, fatigue is very present in young parents, and particularly in the new mother. Her body has undergone many changes and variations, her hormones are yo-yoing, the pains are there, she is not allowed to take a bath, in short... the price to pay can be heavy and it is possible that 'She is not living this moment of her life extremely well. It is therefore the moment for those around him to be present and to overcome this fatigue as best he can. A useful birth gift idea is then at the right time! And the attention will be all the more appreciated by young parents that they will know that you have taken care of their physical and emotional state at the time.

We are already going to offer them dozens of similar gifts

We know the classic birth gifts : organic cotton bodysuits, comforters, baby gift boxes of all kinds, wooden rattles... You can be sure that the young mother will have plenty of them in the baby's room! And it is also very likely that she or the dad has already planned all this before the birth, which only accentuates the overload for them! Obviously, it is the intention that counts above all when offering a gift. But when you feel that it has been particularly thought out, personalized and chosen according to yourself , it is all the more precious and that touches the person who receives it all the more. We must also keep in mind that we often remember for many years the moment of the birth of our child, and with that the people who were present, even the gifts we received. Giving a useful and original baby gift allows you to stay in the daily life of this new family for a long time, and to seal an important memory!

What useful birth gift to choose?

Now that we've said all that, you're waiting for concrete ideas (and we understand you…)! Here are some ideas for useful birth gifts, which should help you in your choice:

A service provided by an external service provider

We don't think enough about dematerialized gifts. However, in order to avoid the overconsumption of material items of all kinds and the overflow of products at home, it is a perfect solution; and in addition, it is very useful for young parents ! New mums and dads often lack time to perform classic daily tasks, as they can feel overwhelmed in their new role as parents of a very small baby. It can then be very appreciable to be helped in these tasks. If this idea of ​​a birth gift tempts you, you can offer them:
  • hours of a housekeeper or a housekeeper
  • organic caterer dishes that they will only have to reheat (there are even “postpartum specials”)
  • hours of babysitting to look after other children if there are any
  • a home chef who comes to concoct a good meal for them without them having to go to the restaurant!
As far as the budget is concerned, it is possible that this type of birth gift will exceed what you had imagined. So why not organize a joint gift with several friends or family members? And hop, five comforters less and happy parents! We told you that Pipouette had good ideas...

A service rendered by oneself

Whether for price or organizational reasons, you may not wish to subscribe to our previous birth gift ideas… and yet, you liked the idea! No problem, since you can completely perform these tasks yourself.

Do you know the barter-visit? A visit, a service rendered. Simple and efficient. Emptying the dishwasher, taking out the garbage cans, washing a comforter, making a bed, vacuuming or mopping, this is a precious and very useful birth gift. If you don't want to arrive empty-handed, plan ready meals to reheat, which the new dad or new mom can even freeze. It's often very little to do for visitors but a lot for young parents. Don't hesitate to offer to take older children to the park, or take them to sleep. It's a huge burden that you will take away from the infant's parents and which will be much more useful than a gift box or a decorative accessory for the baby's room…!

An everyday accessory… but not just any!

We did not say that we should not offer anything material as a birth gift (and fortunately, otherwise no one would offer Pipouette, and it would be so sad!). On the other hand, you have to choose your gift carefully so that it is useful and can be used for a long time and often. Among the useful everyday gifts to give to a baby, we think of:
  • a travel changing mat
  • health book cover
  • a changing kit
  • a set of dishes for his first purees, in ceramic or wood
  • a nomadic night light that plugs into the socket (not on batteries)
  • a bath towel or bathrobe
  • an awakening toy made with healthy materials and which can be put in the mouth without danger
  • a meaningful and well-illustrated children's book

A communication tool

And what better communication tool than Pipouette? Because in addition to helping parents and children to identify, express and manage their emotions, our rabbit is specially designed for all families. Made in responsible conditions, in GOTS certified organic cotton , it is particularly pretty and lasts a long time without being damaged. Machine washable, it will become a busy parent's best friend! It is a useful birth gift , and can also be used as a beautiful decorative element in the baby's room; two in one our PIpouette!

What original birth gift to choose?

Choosing an original birth gift is always a guarantee of quality and a safe bet. Here are some ideas:

A photo session by a professional.

We are not talking about the photo session carried out at the maternity ward, which is horribly expensive and which is often not very successful...! No, we are talking about a photo session with a real photographer, or a real photographer which, moreover, can take place much later than birth, when the whirlwind of the first weeks or first months of the baby is over. A photo session creates incredible memories , both when it takes place and years later when you look back at the box of photos taken that day. It also allows you to be able to take the sacrosanct photo of an announcement, and thus avoid failures and 1500 shots! Again, the price can be high, depending on the service provider and the formula chosen . Do not hesitate to offer this birth gift as a common gift.

A personalized gift with the child's first name

There are a multitude of accessories that can be personalized with the baby's first name and that can be kept for a long time. And as we learned the lesson before, we try to choose personalized AND useful gifts, such as:
  • a nice cup
  • a bathrobe or embroidered bathing cape
  • embroidered bed linen
  • a book personalized with the baby's first name
  • an engraved wooden chair

A treatment for the mother alone or with her baby

What better way to relax and re-tame your body than with an adapted treatment? It's rarely the kind of moment that a young mother offers herself, which will make a truly original gift! Be careful to choose a body or facial treatment adapted to your postpartum situation (don't forget to mention breastfeeding as well). And off we go for an hour just for her, to get away from it all before finding her baby better. And that we tell you, she will long remember the person who gave her this moment out of time! Also keep in mind that there are mother/child or young parent/child treatments, such as the baby bath , which consists of a moment of rare sweetness, during which the infant is wrapped in a swaddle and bathed alongside his parents, to reproduce in-utero living conditions

A plush like no other

In this category, we named of course … Pipouette! Certainly, it is a rabbit, but not just any; by its size, its design, its colors and its clothes selected with great care, it differs from all the other stuffed rabbits that you can find on the market. And of course, its function as a communication tool that can last throughout childhood, makes it even more original as a birth gift idea for a baby . And if the new baby takes it as a comforter then there, we have won everything!