Ethical birth gift: organic, eco-friendly, sustainable… How to choose?

Cadeau de naissance éthique : bio, écolo, durable … Comment choisir ?
No more pretty birth gifts bought without looking where they come from; we want beauty, yes, but above all something sustainable, organic and eco-friendly! In addition to the price, which remains an essential purchase criterion, we have never looked so much at the origin, the manufacture or the materials chosen to produce what we wish to offer at the birth of a baby. Organic, ecological, ethical, sustainable… At Pipouette of course, this is one of our main commitments. So what to choose, and how to be sure that we made the right choice?

Why choose an ecological birth gift?

A baby has been born in your entourage and you are looking for a birth gift idea that comes out of the traditional list and that does not add to the selection of comforters he will have for his birth. We constantly talk to you about eco-responsibility, sustainability… But in fact, why insist so much on these elements? What are their real added values?

Protect baby's health

Regardless of his age, whether he is a baby or older, a child is particularly vulnerable to what he ingests, breathes, picks up from his environment. It is therefore very important to favor games or objects that are eco-responsible and respectful of your health. Natural materials ensure that the product contains zero chemicals for children. Among these materials, we can only advise you:
  • organic cotton,
  • linen,
  • wood
  • or even certain types of silicone
These objects, even used daily or put in the mouth, do not contain any risk of harmful contact for babies and children.

Guarantee the safety of the child

A product that meets ethical, ecological or eco-responsible labels has followed strict manufacturing standards that promise total safety to the user. No small parts that come off, fabrics that fall apart, batteries that get lost... here again, there is no risk of bad surprises when using the object, the game, or the product !

Focus on sustainability

Organic products are often more durable and can be used for many years. Without necessarily being in a zero waste approach, buying an organic birth gift or a green gift box can reduce the size of our trash cans, and when we see the volume of waste created by a baby in his first years of life , we say to ourselves that it's always taken! Not to mention that it is very pleasant - and economical - as a new mum or new dad not to have to repair or replace toys every 4 mornings...

Offer a guarantee of quality

This point somewhat regroups the previous ones but deserves to be detailed. A sustainable, ecological or organic birth gift, it is a product that will last over time and will retain its appearance and functionality for a long time. Unlike plastic, for example, organic cotton, wood, linen or silicone are materials that resist time without degrading and therefore without releasing toxic substances either. And we are happy that our Pipouette keeps its superb for a very long time!

Support sustainable and eco-responsible businesses

Proposing and producing ethical or organic accessories requires effort from the companies that design and market them. Even if of course for these companies - like Pipouette - it is unthinkable to do otherwise! If you buy your baby gift in a store, also know that some choose to resell only eco-responsible brands. Choosing to offer an ethical birth gift means supporting these companies that are striving to align their values ​​and their products, at the fairest price. It also means ensuring that the games or objects have been manufactured by workers whose rights have been respected.

How to choose an ethical birth gift?

Several elements must be checked when you wish to offer a responsible birth gift. Here are the commandments for a good gift choice for a baby:

The source of the materials you will check

Choose products made from:
  • sustainable and environmentally friendly materials
  • biological and/or ecological materials
Without necessarily settling on Made in France, often at a much higher price, it is still interesting to take an interest in labels (such as Oeko-Tex for fabrics or comforters) , which constitute a guarantee of quality and non-harmful, regardless of source.

Substances harmful to your child you will avoid

It's not easy to know how to read a label, we grant you that! However, for birth gifts, the same rule as for food; the fewer substances with complicated names, the better. In particular, we avoid gift ideas drawn from the hygiene and beauty departments, which contain a list of ingredients as long as your arm and the names of magic potions!

The disposable you will banish

For an idea of ​​an ecological birth gift, we forget the disposable! Always in this idea of ​​durability and respect for the environment and health, we limit waste and we focus on the quality of a product that lasts over time. For that, durable, washable, whatever you want except a single-use product. On the other hand, an object whose each use is unique like Pipouette, we say YES!

The packaging you will reduce

We forget the gifts for babies or gift boxes that contain 4 layers of plastic packaging and cardboard boxes of all kinds. The less, the better. At Pipouette, it's kind of our leitmotif in terms of packaging, and we've always been very careful about it. Your ethical birth gift - aka your Pipouette of course - will arrive quietly installed in its tissue paper and its transport box... and that's it! Not quite zero waste, but close.

What ecological gift to give to a newborn?

A pretty garment in organic cotton or linen

Whether in stores or online, there is no shortage of natural and ecological materials among baby brands. Betting on a pretty piece of dressing room as an eco-responsible birth gift for a baby always works. Prefer a size large enough so that he can wear it longer, or a gift box with a nice green set. You thus guarantee a gift:
  • sustainable
  • eco-friendly
  • quality
If you do not necessarily want to put too high a price on it, you can favor materials that are not entirely organic, but whose label - Oeko-tex for example - guarantees an eco-responsible product that meets strict specifications.

A decorative element as an original birth gift

In the world of decoration too, organic and eco-responsible are very present. Again, think about materials. You will find very beautiful wooden objects or bed linen or cuddly toys in organic cotton, for example, which will make perfect gift ideas for the birth of a baby. There are also products specially designed for babies, made from recycled materials, such as:
  • night lights,
  • sconces or lights,
  • mobiles
These long-lasting objects, which can also be used for an older child, are often very popular with young parents.

A practical element that makes life easier for parents

When a baby is born, you often feel like you don't have enough time for everything. The ideal birth gift may then be hidden in a practical product , which can be of great help in everyday life. Like the rest, they can also be made from recycled or eco-friendly materials. We think for example of:
  • a diaper bag
  • a changing mat
  • washable wipes
  • an activity mat
  • a toilet bag
In addition to being useful, these accessories can be very pretty and blend perfectly into your interior. Enough to combine the useful with the pleasant... and with ethics!

A healthy and educational toy

The toy world has been ruled by plastic for decades. Fortunately, in recent years, eco-responsible brands have been taking more and more space on the market and offering alternatives with zero harm. Giving a plush toy or an ecological, biological or ethical awakening toy as a birth gift is therefore a healthy approach, which is useful to everyone. When your baby or child plays with Pipouette, not only can he grow closer to his emotions , but he also does so safely and for a long time, with a healthy and durable product. In particular, it is advisable to check the materials in particular, and to favor organic cotton for textile toys and wood for the others. Certain materials such as food-grade silicone are also recommended, because don't forget that babies put everything in their mouths very quickly! Choosing an eco-responsible birth gift means fewer risks of ingesting harmful substances that can be toxic, even in very small quantities.

An eco-responsible hygiene product

Among the often popular selection of birth gifts, there are also hygiene products. Creams, balms, soaps, shampoos… so many products that can be chosen with a green dimension. For this, it must be ensured that:
  • the composition is clean (no harmful ingredients or too long a list of ingredients)
  • the container is recyclable (glass, recyclable materials, etc.)
  • the product is respectful of the environment (in particular of the seabed)
The brands that produce this kind of product generally offer very practical gift boxes for a useful and lasting birth gift.

What are the differences between a gift for a girl and a gift for a boy?

This question at Pipouette, we like it, because we have a very clear opinion: the answer is NONE, and we want it! We could be told that all the same, there are many pink toys and blue toys, Liberty comforters, lace clothes and others with car motifs. Certainly. But that doesn't make them gift ideas for boys or girls! Moreover, we can even tell you that this story of products for girls and products for boys originates exactly from there: purchases at the time of birth. Because what better marketing success than getting the same product or the same accessories purchased a second time by the same family, just for a color story? Thus was born the difference between pink and blue, and the allocation of one to girls' gifts and the other to boys' gifts... So don't be fooled in your ethical birth gifts; you have of course the choice of the type of gift among:
  • a garment
  • an awakening toy
  • a security blanket
  • a book
  • a decorative object
  • an everyday product
Favor organic and ecological materials, healthy compositions. Bet on utility, durability. But don't dwell on gendered colors or on the clichés that go in this direction. You can even go even further and offer a green and inclusive birth gift that breaks gender codes. Buy a pink t-shirt for a boy or a book about cars for a little girl, for example. You can also offer Pipouette as a birth gift to a baby boy , don't deprive yourself! You can then explain that yes, of course, boys can too - must! - know how to recognize, identify and express their emotions. That a child who knows how to apprehend what he has in his head, in his body and in his heart, is a seed of an adult well in his sneakers … whether pink, blue or multicolored!