Enjoy your holidays with family or friends

Bien vivre ses vacances en famille ou entre ami.es

It's the holidays! And who says summer vacation often says vacation with family or friends, with children. If things can go very well, they can also become very complicated when we do not have the same ways of educating our children or the same rules. Here are 7 tips to combine holidays with family or friends and serenity!

1. Know everyone's rules and agree on common rules

Meal schedules, screen time, bedtime schedules, eating habits… These are all subjects that can make you tense if you don't have the same ways of doing things. The whole thing is to discuss it before or at the start of the stay, in order to enact common rules which will be applicable throughout the whole holiday period. What to avoid misunderstandings, frustrations, and tensions!

2. Do not interfere in the education of others

Golden rule par excellence… What happens in another family belongs to the other family. Let's start from the principle that each parent does the best he/she can, with their experience, their fatigue, their emotions, their feelings; let's not interfere in the education of others, even if certain things hurt us – and if no one is in danger of course. This is the best way to create conflicts that can last over time. On the other hand, if you feel a parent in distress, you can completely offer your help, always without judgment. For example, suggesting that they take their child for a short walk while he/she comes to their senses after a crisis.

3. Remind your children of the essentials in private

Not interfering in the education of others does not mean denying your own education. Nothing prevents you from reminding your children of the essentials, aside, alone with him or her. Especially if he or she has witnessed a situation that he or she is not used to with you. It will be very reassuring for the child to see that his parent remains true to himself, even in a different context and setting.

4. Do not change all of the children's cues at the risk of creating crises or inappropriate behavior

In the same spirit, be careful not to change all your children's landmarks, schedules, habits, etc. Too much change (especially in children) could confuse him more than necessary, and cause crises or inappropriate behavior, which in turn could lead to delicate situations between adults. Enjoy your holidays with family or friends

5. Stay close to emotions

Obviously, spending time with family or friends is also a way to get to know each other better, to share privileged moments that you never have time to spend during the school year. To discover people from another angle, adults and children alike. And also, to influence each other positively! Maybe you'll discover practices in others that you think are great and want to try in your own family. And conversely, others will probably have a lot to learn from you and your way of doing things… starting with the use of Pipouette of course!

6. Feeding on others too, because not everything is to be thrown away... and vice versa!

We do not forget the emotions on vacation! And even less when there are people and the children are particularly solicited and stimulated. Pipouette will then be your best ally, take it out in all situations where you need to resituate or verbalize emotions, whether pleasant or more difficult. Staying as close as possible to your emotions and those of your children allows you to refocus everyone and avoid situations that quickly degenerate when you are not alone.

7. We isolate ourselves when we get tired and we establish moments with the reduced family

Community life is great, it's joyful, it's bewitching and stimulating… but it's also tiring! So do not hesitate to isolate yourself when you feel that your limits are soon reached, that your child is embarked on an excitement that exceeds it, or even without a specific reason, isolate yourself. Also set up times (one afternoon a week, for example, or a one-hour slot every day) where you find yourself in a nuclear family. This can be the time to decompress, discuss and exchange on the feelings and emotions of each.e … to start again better then!