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The boo boo package

11 faces + 1 pouch

32,50 €
35,00 € 32,50 €

You already have Pipouette in its essential pack version and you want to go further in learning and expressing emotions?

These faces fit on the model of the emotions companion purchased from March 2023.

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This pack includes

This pack includes:
- 11 faces to explore emotions: love, surprise, disgust, shyness, pride, jealousy, "I don't feel good", "I'm in pain", "I'm relieved" , excitement and disappointment.
- a fabric pouch to store all the faces


Ow, ouch,  boo-hoo, it hurts !

Are you okay? Where does it hurt? Show me. Does it feel better now?

Fevers, ear infections, falls, pains we wish they never experienced... These are complicated situations for parents and difficult for children to express, especially the little ones. Yet, we have such a strong desire and need to understand them in those moments to provide help.

With the 3 faces "I don't feel well," "I'm in pain," and "I feel relieved," we guarantee an improvement in your communication and understanding, with or without words. Your children will be able to choose the face that matches their condition and, most importantly, they will be able to show you on Pipouette where it hurts. With the "I don't feel well" and "I'm in pain"  faces, you will be able to differentiate and support them through small and big boo-hoo. And the face "I feel relieved" will let you know quickly when your children start feeling better! It also serves to prepare them, letting them know that everything will pass and that they will feel better afterwards.

These faces will also go through hardships with your kids, such as visits to the pediatrician, dentist, and any situation where it will be helpful to have them.

This pack of faces is compatible with the version of the companion of emotions purchased before March 2023.



  • Pour ne pas abimer vos visages prenez bien soin de les ranger dans leur pochons scratch contre scratch.
  • Lavage à 30 degrés en machine dans un filet scratch contre scratch.
  • Essorage doux. Vous pouvez bien les remettre en forme avec vos doigts en les sortant de la machine. Repassage ok avec un linge entre le visage et le fer à repasser

Manufacturing & composition

Outer fabric: GOTS organic cotton
Inner fabric: GOTS organic cotton
EN-71 toy CE standard
Made in the European Union