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“Off to Dreamland” portable lamp

57,50 €

This nomadic lamp is the result of a collaboration between Polochon et Cie and Pipouette to create a reassuring atmosphere in the evening and fall asleep peacefully.

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Passe-Partout is a portable lamp specially designed for children that will be with them in all their adventures, providing safety at the same time.

Its "protective diffuser dome" prevents direct contact of the eyes with the light source, reducing the risk of glare. Equipped with 4 yellow LEDs (25,000 hours of lifespan) with low blue light emission (less than 20%). This children's lamp comes with a high-performance and lightweight rechargeable battery, specifically designed for Maison Polochon.

Its automatic shutdown after one hour and the light signal indicating the need for recharging will help your child gain autonomy. In charging mode, the automatic shutdown is disabled to turn Passe-Partout into a gentle night light!

Its ingenious MULTI-ATTACHMENT system allows for easy hanging anywhere with simplicity! With its handle or ribbon, you can easily hang it on a doorknob, hook, on the bed, in your child's teepee... Your child can also easily move around with Passe-Partout, thanks to its lightweight design of 250g.

It will quickly become essential in shared bedrooms or bunk beds, allowing each person to use their light at their own pace without disturbing others.

As a companion for wake-ups and nighttime walks, it can even find a place in cars during vacations, allowing them to read without dazzling the driver or disturbing a sleeping younger sibling...

Passe-Partout is a portable children's lamp, Made in France, designed within an eco-responsible framework: choosing local suppliers, using sustainably sourced wood (PEFC certified), and assembled in a solidarity workshop. It's a gift that will please both children and parents!

Say goodbye to nightmares and enjoy peaceful and reassuring nights with this comforting lamp!


Manufacturing & composition

Easy to use, it goes out on its own after an hour and only weighs 250g! A real featherweight: your child takes it everywhere and recharges it as soon as it flashes!